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Bariatric surgery – Let’s make the world thin-k again!

Article by – Moshe Schein If you are a dedicated bariatric surgeon or inflicted with a strict, politically correct personality then this piece is not for you—continue reading, instead, the latest issue of Obesity Surgery (impact factor-3.6!) where you will find highly scientific and clinically relevant articles such as “Percutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation (PENS) of Dermatome T6 […]

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General Surgeons are from Mars, Bariatric Surgeons are from Venus

Article by – SAMIR JOHNA MD, MACM, FACS, FICS The latest US presidential elections taught us many things. Among others, it showed the role that the media plays in every aspect of life. It seems to me that “being impartial” in media reportage is far-fetched, and bias a universal language. The role of media coverage in […]

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Is it all about the money?

Article by – Vinay Mahendale India I remember from the time it was not called bariatric surgery but Surgery for Morbid obesity. I read about it only in the books in the late eighties. I thought it should be called Morbid Surgery for Obesity. But I kept the thoughts to myself. In India, we did see […]

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BS means Bariatric Surgery, or…?

Article by – Matei Dordea UK Fortunately the bariatric guys in my hospital are very helpful. They take care of all their complications. It does not matter whether they are on call or not. We still go in to watch or help. What is missing from this bariatric good-or-bad discussion is an intellectual/philosophical debate inclusive of […]

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A German surgeon’s perspective

Article by – Dr. Mathias Kalkum As a general surgeon in a small rural hospital I usually remain quiet when my bariatric friends and colleagues argue about the latest and greatest procedures in their field. I try to keep up-to-date on what is currently en vogue and I try to understand the many resulting newly designed […]

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The inventive bariatric surgeon- historic genius or ambitious fool?

Article by – B RAMANA India If you read the previous few issues of Welocity, there are many newer procedures for weight loss and diabetes. To some, these represent great innovations that bring in huge improvements over other, more conventional ones. To others, they represent the surgical equivalent of quackery. Yes, a strong term. But let […]

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New beginning, or beginning’s end?

Article by – Arun Prasad India Standard bariatric procedures of today were novel procedures yesterday. Novel procedures today may become standard tomorrow. As no one seems to have made this statement, I will claim it to be mine. Why are novel bariatric procedures needed? Current procedures are not perfect They have side effects They have significant […]

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GI surgery pioneering or quackery?

Article by –  Lakshmi Kona Since I started bariatric surgery in 2006 there has been a lot of change in practice.At that time, RYGB was being done in only a few centers and we used to attend small workshops to see what the procedure was about. Then there was a sudden interest in LAGB as […]

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Novel bariatric / metabolic surgeries are nothing but modifications of duodenal switch!

Article by –  Dr. Amar Vennapusa Obesity is the price our society is paying for the technology driven comfort and taste of refined foods, superimposed on a genetic susceptibility. It has been proven beyond doubt that bariatric/ metabolic surgery is a powerful tool to address the problem of obesity and its co-morbid conditions. Surgical treatment […]

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Modifications of the Mini-Gastric bypass: my perspective

Article by –  Robert Rutledge The Mini-Gastric bypass now, almost 20 years after the first procedure was performed, has been the subject of more than a hundred papers from all around the world. Essentially all of these papers have shown the Mini-Gastric bypass to be a short, straightforward operative procedure with a 1 to 2 […]

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