Dr. Manoel Galvao Neto

Dr. Manoel Galvao Neto graduated in Medicine at Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health in 1989, Bahia, Brazil. After finishing the three years residence program at the 9 July Hospital in São Paulo (Digestive Surgery and Endoscopy), he returned to Bahia as invited professor of surgical technique at Bahiana School between 1993-1998, becoming coordinator of experimental surgery research group and assistant professor from 1998 to 2000. At this period he developed a training model in laparoscopic surgery with rats using conventional instruments, focused on med students. With this model, he had trained four classes of 200 students of Medicine School. Also the model of training has been exported to others universities of Brazil, including Santa Casa of São Paulo, where it was adopted in the graduation and post-graduation program of Gynecology discipline. On this matter, in 2003 he presented a Master degree thesis at São Paulo University about this training model published in peer-review journal. He is also board certified specialist in Digestive Surgery by CBCD (1992), Gastroenterology by FBG (1995) and Digestive Endoscopy by SOBED (2011). From1993 to 2000, he act as proctor and responsible to implant the residence program in General Surgery at Cleriston Andrade Hospital in Feira de Santana – Bahia, being also the general director of this hospital between 1996 and 1997.

On the years of 1999 and 2000, he worked as assistant surgeon at São Rafael Hospital (Salvador, Bahia), where he was surgical proctor and responsible for the installation and team training of the esophageal manometry of service. In 2001 he returned to São Paulo, working as coordinator of the esophageal motility Service at Diagnoses of America laboratory and in the same time he worked as researcher and consultant for Alacer Biomedica company, developing hardware and software on esophageal manometry and pHmetry which are nowadays leaders in the market. He also developed training modules with interactive bases, which was used by more than five hundred doctors in the country. Nowadays is developing with the company equipments of high-resolution manometry and pH-impedance

In 2002, he founded with Dr. Almino Ramos e Dr. Manoela Galvao the Gastro Obesity Center, acting as scientific coordinator, main endoscopist and developing training models. This is probably the most successful case on bariatric surgery in Latin America; more than ten thousands bariatric procedures were performed. In this area, he developed training models for laparoscopic bariatric surgery and multidisciplinary teams in partnership with Ethicon Endo-Surgery company. Till now, more than four hundred surgeons and one hundred multidisciplinary team members from Latin America (Brazil included), Portugal, Spain, Japan and India were trained on this models. He developed the endoscopic sub-specialty of “Bariatric Endoscopy” and that experience was published in a book written in Portuguese and Spanish.

At the same period he pioneering in Brazil small bowel capsule endoscopy in 2001, esophageal capsule in 2006 and colon capsule in 2007. Also in Brazil he performed the first endoscopic gastric banding retrieval in 2004; the first air-filled intragastric balloon implants in 2006. From 2006 to nowadays he performs with Dr Almino Ramos the first NOTES researches in animals on Brazil, the second world NOTES (transgastric cholecystectomy) clinical procedure; the first world larger series of human transvaginal cholecystectomy and the world first human transvaginal sleeve gastrectomy procedure. More recently since 2008 the group had been dedicating to diabetes surgical treatment, Single Port laparoscopic procedures and the development of LGCP (Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication) as a new bariatric procedure with the initial clinical experience already published. He is an active participant on the development of EndoBarrier (endoscopic endoluminal duodenal-jejunal bypass) since its “first in man” implant, being the proctor for trials running in Brazil, Chile, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK and US. In 2010 he is participating in a new “first in man” trial and first chronic trial of electrical stimulation of lower esophageal sphincter in Chile with Endostim company. In 2011 he had participated as investigator and proctor for Apollo EndoSurgery developing the first OUS series of endoscopic RYGP revisions with the Apollo OverStitch. Among 2011 he act as invited speaker for SAGES, ASBMS, IFSO and in meetings on Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Korea and Kuwait. From its published work, the Scopus ranking is 8 (at least 8 articles cited 8 times on peer reviewed papers) and at least 2 papers were cited more than 40times, the LGCP paper was ranked among 10 more popular on Bariatric times and Endoscopy acknowledged the first NOTES large series published in 2008 as one (7th in rank) of the paper the make they raise their impact factor in 2010

Regarding possible conflicts of Interest: Dr. Galvão Neto is scientific (national and international) consultant for Alacer Biomedica , Ethicom EndoSurgery, GI Dynamics and Apollo EndoSurgery. He already worked as paid speaker for Ache, Allergam e Janssem and had also received equipment and travel expenses support from Olympus and Storz.

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