BS means Bariatric Surgery, or…?

Article by – Matei Dordea UK Fortunately the bariatric guys in my hospital are very helpful. They take care of all their complications. It does not matter whether they are on call or not. We still go in to watch or help. What is missing from this bariatric good-or-bad discussion is an intellectual/philosophical debate inclusive of […]

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A German surgeon’s perspective

Article by – Dr. Mathias Kalkum As a general surgeon in a small rural hospital I usually remain quiet when my bariatric friends and colleagues argue about the latest and greatest procedures in their field. I try to keep up-to-date on what is currently en vogue and I try to understand the many resulting newly designed […]

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The inventive bariatric surgeon- historic genius or ambitious fool?

Article by – B RAMANA India If you read the previous few issues of Welocity, there are many newer procedures for weight loss and diabetes. To some, these represent great innovations that bring in huge improvements over other, more conventional ones. To others, they represent the surgical equivalent of quackery. Yes, a strong term. But let […]

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