Study finds that weight loss after obesity surgery can rapidly restore testosterone production in morbidly obese men

New research presented at this year’s European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Vienna, Austria (23-26) May shows that weight reduction following a sleeve gastrectomy (obesity surgery), which reduces the size of the stomach, can rapidly reverse obesity-related hypogonadism in morbidly obese men, restoring normal levels of testosterone and sex drive. Source:Medical Xpress Read More

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Exercise makes the blood of obese people healthier

Exercise can reduce inflammation in obese people by changing the characteristics of their blood, according to new research. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Are you sticking to your diet? Scientists may be able to tell from a blood sample

An analysis of small molecules called ‘metabolites’ in a blood sample may be used to determine whether a person is following a prescribed diet, scientists show in a new study. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Why zero-calorie sweeteners can still lead to diabetes, obesity

Increased awareness of the health consequences of eating too much sugar has fueled a dramatic uptick in the consumption of zero-calorie artificial sweeteners in recent decades. However, new research finds sugar replacements can also cause health changes that are linked with diabetes and obesity, suggesting that switching from regular to diet soda may be a […]

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Obesity inhibits key cancer defense mechanism

Obesity could enhance cancer development while aspirin might prevent it — a new insight into potential targets for cancer prevention Source: Science Daily Read More

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Obesity surgery linked to positive outcomes in very obese teens with diabetes

This study is the first to compare glycemic control in two groups of very obese adolescents with type 2 diabetes. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Consuming protein supplements with meals may work better for weight control

A new systematic review of available evidence indicates that consuming protein supplements with meals may be more effective at promoting weight control than consuming supplements between meals in adults following a resistance training regimen. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Weight-loss surgery improves lives and saves money, study finds

A new study indicates that weight-loss surgery is cost-effective over 10 years and can save healthcare systems money over a lifetime. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Heart disease may only be a matter of time for those with healthy obesity

People who are 30 pounds or more overweight may want to slim down a bit even if they don’t have high blood pressure or any other heart disease risk, according to scientists. Source: Science Daily Read More

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Pediatric obesity, depression connected in the brain

Early-life obesity and depression may be driven by shared abnormalities in brain regions that process rewards, according to researchers. Source: Science Daily Read More

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