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Many ways to skin the sleeve fat cat!

Adrian Marius Nedelcu (Romania)   Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) has evolved into a primary surgical treatment modality for morbid obesity. It has gained wide popularity as a sole bariatric procedure, now established as the most frequent bariatric procedure worldwide. A staged approach of morbid obese patient must be STILL considered, where a LSG is proposed […]

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Is It All About The Money?

Vinay Mehendale (India)    I remember the time it was not called bariatric surgery but Surgery for Morbid obesity. I read about it only in the books in the late eighties. I thought it should be called Morbid Surgery for Obesity. But I kept the thoughts to myself. In India, we did see some obese […]

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Interview with Andre Sanchez-Pernaute (Spain)    In your practice, regarding revisional LSG, do you make any difference between weight loss insufficiency and weight regain? Approximately 15% of patients submitted to sleeve gastrectomy  in my practice are going to be submitted to a second weight loss procedure, with no difference between those patients not reaching an adequate weight […]

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