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Functions and Guidances

This group is dedicated for experts in bariatric and metabolic medicine and surgery. It contains highly professional content only. Please do not share private issues and photos. Membership needs to be verified by the Administrator. 


IBC Key Functions

Organizes World Congresses at the Oxford University

  • Shares and archives bariatric surgery videos, articles, and presentations relevant to management of intraoperative and post-operative complications.

  • Serves as a forum for daily requests for opinions and live discussions by members on clinical questions and problems.

  • Hosts live video‐streaming Webinars.

  • Participates in national and international meetings relevant to Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.



The IBC presents the activities and features noted above. The IBC Facebook Group page provides an international forum with friendly interaction, for practical and academic bariatric surgical problem cases, questions, controversial issues and instructive videos, including webinars. The opinions are those of the participating surgeons, interested in assisting each other. The Group is Private – only for Members

None of the information provided by IBC can be use by patients or other participants in clinical decision making.

IBC is not responsible for any health care decision making.

International Bariatric Club in media:

Bariatric News – Issue 10, January 2012

Functions and Guidances: About Us
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